When the Truth Gets in the Way

by Online Dating on October 14, 2010

All right, let’s face it. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the online dating game, you’ve come across folks that are less than entirely honest about their situation. Men will tell you that they’re taller than what they really are, and women might embellish their size. The fact of the matter is that the truth can be a real turn-off when you’re trying to make in in online dating.

A recent study at Michigan State University suggests that about 90 percent of folks actually lie about something on their online dating profile. Men add an inch or three to their height, and women shave a few virtual pounds.

Now, these lies are usually little ones. We’re not talking about a guy who’s five feet tall claiming to be seven feet tall. We’re talking about the woman whose idea weight is 125 pounds, and she’s at 135 pounds, and she says she weighs 130.

You gotta get found

One of the reasons for this is that many online dating sites allow their users to search for prospective dates given specific height or weight requirements. By nudging the numbers a little bit in their favor, this may actually push them across some of those specific thresholds. This makes it more likely for their profile to turn up in search results on the online dating sites.

No one knows what they want until they find it

The problem is that many users of an online dating site might really not be entirely sure of what they actually like. The numbers can lie, just as much as a person can. For example, you might think that weight is an important issue, but once you get to meet the person in person that extra 10 pounds isn’t even noticeable, much less important.

Keepin’ it real

The key is to be as honest as you can in those areas that are detectable, and that can truly be noticed. If you absolutely hate golf and claim to love it, you’re going to get found out sooner rather than later.

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    Being as honest as you can in those areas that are detectable make one a calculating liar.

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