What to Wear: First Date Tips for Guys

by Online Dating on February 24, 2011

In the second of my What to Wear series, we’re crossing the gender divide. It can be just as stressful for guys to pick out something decent to wear on a first date, too. So, here are few tips for what to wear as a guy on a first date.

Less is more

Every woman has different taste, but you can’t go wrong with simple style on a first date.

  • Don’t go with a shirt that’s too tight. Even if you’re buff, leave a little to the imagination.
  • A classic tee is always a winner. No crazy huge patterns or floral things a la Ed Hardy.
  • Unless you’re in a band, try to keep away from the super skinny jeans. Same goes for extremely baggy jeans.
  • Jewelry: Don’t give her much competition in this arena. No thick chains unless your name starts with Mr. and ends with T.
  • Cologne: Keep it to a minimum. Even if she happens to not be allergic, you don’t want to give her a massive headache from the overwhelming Ax-y man-water scent.


Dress appropriately for the venue

So, this tip goes for women too, but hey, it applies here! It should be common sense to dress appropriately for the venue on a first date, and every day. If you’re heading to a fancy restaurant, pull out your suit. On the other hand, if you’re just going out for drinks, pick something less casual like jeans and a tee — if you’re feeling adventurous, throw on a blazer.

Be mature

I hate having to bring this up, but dress your age! The first date is not a time to show off your massive collection of beer and sport tees. A simple tee or polo goes a long way!



Here are a two great first date staples you should have your wardrobe:

Classic blazer Nice jeans

A classic blazer is a great choice for a first date and can be dressed both up and down, depending on where you’re going. And of course, a nice pair of jeans goes a long way.

Groom yourself

Again, I didn’t want to have to bring this up, but please be clean and well-groomed (especially) for your first date! Don’t use too much product in your hair. If you’re usually clean-shaven, shave before your date. If you usually sport a beard, trim it up nicely. Shower, use deodorant, and make sure your clothes are clean and stain-free.

With these tips, it’s my hope that you’ll be dressed for success on your first date. Use them well and pass it on!

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