What To Buy: Graduation Gifts for Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

by Online Dating on June 8, 2011

Graduation — whether it be from high school or college — is a huge milestone for anyone, and it’s that time of year. Many times it can be tough to figure out what to gift your partner, and it’s no different when they’re graduating. Here are a few suggested graduation gifts for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Life After College

[Above: Ampersand cufflinks, Mondrian-esque whiteboard, Nixon watch, leather satchel, Lincoln tie, cassette tape dispenser]

When brainstorming what to get your sweetie for graduation, use life after college for inspiration. What degree did they earn? What kind of job are they going for once they graduate? Are they traveling after school?

  • For guys: A nice watch, briefcase, tie, or even cufflinks are classy choices.
  • For ladies: If your girlfriend’s moving on to an office workplace, she’ll probably want new clothes — a gift certificate would work well for this, especially if you’re not sure of her size or preferences.
  • Neutral: Luggage if a great gift if your partner is traveling after graduation. If they’re planning on backpacking, grab a nice backpack for them, and perhaps a few useful goodies to pack. If they’re moving to a new place, buy a few things to spruce it up — a message board, picture frames, etc.


Personalized gifts can sometimes get cheesy if done incorrectly, but a high quality monogrammed wallet for your boyfriend or class zegarki męskie jewelry for your girlfriend can be great choices. Again, it all depends on your partner’s style, but think of something from the heart.


Another great idea is to piggyback on a big-ticket gift their parents are buying. Call them up to ask about what they’re getting your partner so you can buy or make something to go along with it. Say, if they’re gifting an iPod, buy a few accessories and iTunes gift cards. Maybe even create a playlist of music for your partner to enjoy. You get the idea!


Electronics are always useful, and make great graduation gifts. You probably know what your boyfriend or girlfriend owns, so go off of that. Mobile tech like a smartphone, MacBook Air, iPad or other tablet can serve as essential post-graduation tools.


A celebratory vacation makes for an awesome gift for your grad. You don’t have to have tons of funds, either — it could be anything from a local backpacking/camping trip to more expensive excursions like a romantic Bed & Breakfast stay or even a cruise. It’ll make for great memories.


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