Warding Off an Impending Breakup

by Online Dating on April 20, 2012

If thoughts of breaking have been racing through your mind lately, it means you may be dangerously close to getting sucked into a black hole you will not be able to escape from. Once that thought worms its way into you or your partner’s head, every action, fight, and small mistake will figuratively be added to the file of reasons why a break up should happen. Instead of thinking of ways to combat the problems you’re facing, you’re creating a strong case of why you should not even bother. If you catch yourself thinking that way, you should act right away to solve the problems in your relationship before you cross the point of no return.

If you’re still able to communicate, you need to sit down with your partner and express your feelings and tell them what you feel is causing problems in your relationship. Most issues exist because each party wrongly assumes they know what the other is thinking, and build their case from there. Communication goes both ways, so in order for you to effectively validate the problems in your relationship, you need to allow them the opportunity to express how they’re feeling as well. Showing them that despite your overwhelming feelings, you too can sit back and take the time to listen to their feelings will strengthen their faith and trust in you and help to build a stronger bond between the two of you.

After you have the talk, give one another some space. At this point, emotions are running high and some time should pass before you can objectively begin to address the problems that exist between you. Things will not get better overnight, but they will have the best chance if you reopen the lines of communication and allow some time for both points of view to register.

While your partner is taking some time to think about what you’ve said, show them why you should be together and why the relationship is worth working for. Remember the excitement you felt at the beginning of your relationship, when everything was new and wonderful. Relive that feeling by digging yourself out of the rut you have fallen into. Instead of a movie every Friday night, take part in new activities together to try and rediscover that thrill. Perhaps a weekend camping will reinvigorate your spark or, if you live by a lake or ocean, try waterskiing. Sharing new activities together is a great way to bond while working out the problems within the relationship. Give one other a reason to smile, and it will be much easier to connect and communicate effectively to head down the path of a happy, successful relationship.


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