Signs You May Not Be Ready For A Relationship

by Online Dating on April 17, 2012

You may want a real relationship right now, but are you ready for one? I know I’ve been in the situation before where all I wanted was to be in that comfortable spot of couplehood, but that was the problem exactly — I wasn’t comfortable alone. Once you work on yourself can you only begin to consider a relationship. Here are a few signs you may not be ready for a relationship, and what you can do to get there.

You Feel “Off”

So, you’re out on a date with this awesome guy or girl, but they’re not someone who you’d normally get with. Oh, but he’s a bad boy. Oh, she’s wild. I need that right now. If your inner “radar” keeps pointing you towards the wrong people, you may not be ready for a relationship. This can happen when you’re subconsciously trying to sabotage the relationship before it really begins. If he or she’s not relationship material, why bother? If you’re looking for a relationship, that is. If you’re convinced that you can change this bad boy/player/slut/material girl/insert-negative-term-here, well, stop to think. Do you really believe that you can change him or her? You may be turned off of forming a deeper relationship right now.

You Need Someone To Feel Happy

Do you feel bummed unless you’re with someone? Are you turning down invites to events because you don’t have that special someone to bring? Don’t spend your time sitting home by yourself feeling forever alone. Even if you go out solely to meet someone, in this mindset, you’d probably end up strangling the relationship to death with your neediness. Find what makes you happy before you’re in a relationship so you can share that with someone later.

You’re Trying To Fit Into Their World

Do you find yourself trying to be something or someone other than who you are? Not good. If you’re often trying to change something about yourself in order to seem more attractive to that guy or girl you just met, then you’re probably not ready for a relationship. Be more confident! Love yourself before loving someone else.

You’re Looking For Someone To Complete You

“You complete me” sounds so romantic, but it really isn’t how you should start a relationship. It’s more like, “you complement me.” When you’re a whole person — someone with unique interests and personality — finding someone else to complement those things will feel amazing.


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