Tips for Taking a Break in Your Relationship

by Online Dating on May 10, 2011

In a relationship, there may come a time when you feel neglected, disrespected, trapped, or underwhelmed, so what do you do? Sometimes taking a break, or at least thinking about one, is the right move.

While some may consider a break an extreme measure, it could be just the thing your relationship needs to survive. Whether you want to explore your options, get some breathing room, or open your partner’s eyes, here are a few tips to help you along when considering taking a break in your relationship.


Before you finalize your ‘break,’ you should consider why you want to take it in the first place. That way, you can have a goal in mind. Taking a break isn’t an easy way out, so don’t treat it that way. Weigh your options and take your partner’s feelings into consideration, too.

  • Things are getting stale: It’s the same routine, day after day.
  • Things are moving too slow (or fast): You’ve either jumped into things, or they’re moving slower than molasses.
  • You feel like you’ve fallen out of love, or “like”: This can happen after the “honeymoon” phase — you’ve just lost that chemistry.
  • You’re not respected: Your significant other isn’t listening to you anymore. They don’t care about your opinions.
  • You feel smothered: Your date’s too needy, and you feel like you need some time to yourself.
  • You’re not clicking sexually: You like it one way, your partner another way.

Set Ground Rules

It may sound strange to set ground rules for something like a break in a relationship, but it’s like insurance. Be sure to set ground rules for things like:

  • How long the break will be: Before the break, agree on a time in which you’ll regroup to discuss whether or not you’ll stay together after all.
  • If you’ll keep in contact: You should lay this out. You should mutually agree on frequency of contact. If you’ve been together for a while, you may want to check up on one another every week or two. You may decide that no contact is best.
  • If you’ll see other people: It’s difficult to get back together if either of you have crossed the line here, so before the break, be clear about this.

Expect the Unexpected

Definitely expect the unexpected once you reveal that you want to take a break. Your partner may:

  • Want to talk about it: This is really the best case scenario. Everything may clear up after a good heart-to-heart. Or at the very least, you’ll get somewhere.
  • Get extremely angry/cry/etc: People have different ways of dealing with emotional situations, so be prepared for this. Just stay calm — your partner hasn’t had time to absorb this yet.
  • You get the cold shoulder: On the other hand, your partner may internalize his/her feelings and completely ignore you. Don’t try to push the issue, just give him or her a little time to absorb everything.

Keep in mind that if you have issues in your relationship, taking a break isn’t always the solution. Taking a break is one of your final resorts, so you should attempt to resolve issues first — they will be there when you get back. Remember, it’s not an easy way out. If you treat it as such you should rethink your breaking up habits.

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