5 Tips for First Kiss Success

by Online Dating on September 29, 2011

You’ve asked them out, and you had a great date — what next? The first kiss can be nerve-racking and exhilarating, but it can also end in disaster if you’re not careful. Here are 5 tips to make your first kiss a success.

Good Breath

Captain Obvious, here! This wouldn’t be a proper first kiss tips list without a lecture on good breath. Nothing is worse than terrible breath when you go in for that first smooch. If you’ve gone on a dinner date, try to stay away from fragrant foods with garlic, unless both of you have garlic. Carry a tin of mints or minty gum with you to ward off any evil smells — share some with your date, too!


You don’t need to be locked away in a back room for your first kiss, but your date will appreciate a bit of privacy. If you’re in a public place, it’s simple enough to find a spot that’s not completely crowded. Slip off to some place that will find the two of you alone, and take in the scenery. You could even go on a walk or a drive if you want to really get away from it all.

The Right Moment

You just know when the moment is right for a first kiss. If the conversation stops and your eyes lock, it may be the right moment for your first kiss. Just as you feel the right moment, you should be able to recognize when it’s the wrong moment for a first kiss — avoid a moment that could turn into something awkward. If you gaze into your date’s eyes and lean in slowly, you’ll get your answer right away whether or not your date’s ready for the kiss. Pay close attention to their body language throughout the date, and before you go in for the kiss.

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by Hayley Quinn on September 27, 2011

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4 Tips for a Smooth Break Up

by Online Dating on September 27, 2011

Ending a relationship can be a difficult time, no matter the reason — you just might not be into him or her anymore, or they might have done something wrong. Here are a few tips on how to make your break up go smoothly.

Do It In Person

When ending a relationship, despite how it all went, give your partner the respect they deserve by breaking up in person. No phone, email, texts, or leaving a message. Breaking up in person can be more nerve-racking, but do the right thing.

“It’s Not You, It’s Me”

The phrase is cliched, so the tip here isn’t to necessarily say it, but to make it clear why you’re breaking up. If you’re just not that into your date, then it really is about you. If they’ve done something to push you away, then be honest about why you’re breaking up. Things can get complicated if you leave things hanging, because your date may feel like things aren’t final.

Mixed Signals

Speaking of final, you need to tie things up for a smooth break up. Don’t give your date any hope that you’re getting back together. Don’t send contrary signals by maintaining contact through email, texting, or calling them. If getting back together in some way isn’t the message you want to convey, make it very clear that you do not want to date again — be very transparent in your actions and words post-break up.

Focus and Reflect

No matter whether you initiate the break up or not, it’s not an easy thing to go though. It can be draining, so take some time to reflect on the relationship and see it as a learning experience. Take the lessons learned and apply them to your next love interest. While you’re at it, focus on the good times you had and most of all, stay positive.

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Going exclusive in a relationship isn’t always an easy concept for people. If you ask seven different people the same question about it, you’ll get seven different answers. So, we figured that touching on the topic of exclusivity couldn’t be covered in just one article. In the second part of our series we’ll talk about the reasons why you should — and shouldn’t — go exclusive with your date.

Why You Should

Your curiosity has been satisfied

If you still have any interest on dating many people, then you’re probably not interested in becoming exclusive. If you’re in a steady relationship, but not in the relationship mindset, you may be sitting there wondering about greener pastures — that’s not fair for either of you. But on the other hand, if you feel as if you’ve found someone that absolutely intrigues you, it may be time to consider going exclusive.

Tested and approved

There are quick things we can do to “test” the compatibility of a date, and there are bigger things you can do like taking a road trip or meeting your date’s friends. True character takes time to reveal itself, so take the time to truly get to know your date. If you’re compatible, exclusivity is definitely the way to go.

You know what you want

This one’s simple — if you’ve dated around, you’re more equipped to recognize someone who will be right for you. And when you do come across that special person, don’t hesitate to go exclusive.

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Going Exclusive, Part 1: The How

by Online Dating on September 23, 2011

Going exclusive in a relationship isn’t always an easy concept for people. If you ask seven different people the same question about it, you’ll get seven different answers. So, we figured that touching on the topic of exclusivity couldn’t be covered in just one article. In the first part of our series we’re giving a few tips on the right way to go about broaching the topic of exclusivity with your date.

DON’T: The First Date

There are some folks out there, especially women, who will say off the bat that they’re looking for a monogamous relationship and to go elsewhere if you’re not looking for that, too. Well, it’s great to be straightforward, but the first date isn’t the time for this kind of talk. If it comes up naturally, you can talk about what you’re looking for in a relationship. It’s the first date and you don’t even know the person yet, so hold off a bit.

DO: Know When You’re Ready

Well, you must be wondering if the first date is too early, when is it too late? That’s a great question. Women tend to think of exclusivity early on, especially when sex comes into the picture — feelings of vulnerability and health concerns arise. If you feel the urge to share more personal things with your date, it may be time to talk exclusivity. For women, that may be when you begin to share specifics of bodily functions (bloating, stomach aches, etc), and for men it may be when you invite her along when your friends are around.

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