Our Favorite Creepers And Winners From WhyTheyreSingle.com

by Online Dating on May 16, 2012

We just stumbled across WhyTheyreSingle.com and it’s a hilarious collection of online dating experiences of the weird and awesome. Here are some of our favorite creepers and winners from the site.


Have Herpes?

Ok, so I get those dating sites designed for people with STDs — there are even a couple specifically for those with herpes. And that’s great, because there are daters of all types, and sites like PostitiveSingles help singles connect. Hey, this guy wants someone with herpes? No biggie… oh, wait. He doesn’t have herpes.


I can understand someone who needs their privacy, but this is too much. You’re on an online dating site — show your face! If you want to get creative with masks or costumes, at least hold off on the ski mask with the side of creepy. Apparently, the person who submitted this photo to WhyTheyreSingle said that they blocked this person over and over, but they kept messaging them. Eek! I really recommend to check hep c symptoms you don’t want to be tricked in the future.

The Scientist

Ok, first impression: Nice long message! Then I read it. Excessive ellipses aside, this guy wants to “let his scientist out?” I don’t even want to know if he’d pull out a speculum.

Not Sheepish

“Hey, baby, let me rub my lambskin all over you.” That is all.



“Everyone poops, and now that you have seen me pooping, I feel like we have already moved our relationship to a higher level.” I’m not sure if this Craiglist ad is real, I mean, it seems realistic enough, it’s just so well written, too funny and honest. I would probably answer this.

Battle Kitten

This is just the win of all wins. The witty banter is enough to get anyone going, and I wouldn’t be surprised if these two connected outside of OkCupid. Don’t you wish every private message turned out like this one?

Konami Code

Gotta give this one props for brevity, creativity, and high levels of adorable. Hopefully some cute, hot, nerdy, sexy, cool chick got back to him!

I Want to Believe

Speaking of brevity… wow. Simple, but awesome. Straight to the point and hilarious!


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  • http://www.romanceneverdies.com/ Grace Pamer

    Wow… I mean, wow! There really are some “interesting” people out there. I’m not sure the guy with the mask is even on this planet if he thinks that’s a way to not scare off potential dates. Although, each to their own and maybe, just maybe, displaying that mask is the only way to reach that one lady out there who digs people who look terrifying!  Who knows.  What a great find and post Kristin.

    All the best

  • Adultdatingguides

    Wow it’s awesome, that was really interesting one.

  • http://www.freeadultdatingguide.com/ Adultdatingguides

    I can say that better not trust easily. Know first the person make sure that his real not a fake one.

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