Online Dating: Dealing With Your Boyfriend’s Ex

by Hayley Quinn on December 6, 2011

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  • Anonymous

    I had a guy I was seeing who was a little obsessed with talking about his Ex.  I felt embarassed to tell him to stop and he said he like me very much, but when I checked into the things that they were chatting back and forth about on facebook I realized he simply wasn’t over her.  Had I listened to the Who Date app on my iPhone, I could’ve avoided the unconfrtable breakup.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone tried Who Date yet?  I posted about it here a few days ago.  Just recently was dating a guy who made our relationship look less serious to his Ex than he was making it seem to me that we had.  I thought we were in a serious relationship. I put this information in Who Date, my app on my iPhone, and it is really showing me WHO I AM DATING!  Goodness, this guy better get it together  soon!

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