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by Online Dating on November 11, 2010

One of the first things you do when you’re a new employee is sit down and go over the rules. Some employers have 100 page manuals while others just have a few standard rules that aren’t written in manuals. These are such basic rules everyone should know them.

If you don’t know the basic rules, it isn’t because you live under a rock. Perhaps this is your first job, or you haven’t worked for anyone besides your crazy Aunt Betty. You may have gotten paid well, but let’s be honest cutting grass and running errands for crazy Betty didn’t give you much experience in the workforce.

Depending on where you work, the amount of workplace rules will vary. But there are some standard rules that every employer expects. These are the most basic policies that you should always know before you start working anywhere.

  • No sleeping while at work. If you are too tired or sick don’t go to work and try to make it through the day. Stay home and recuperate.
  • Don’t use computers at work for personal use. Your employer has this equipment for work use only. If you want to use a computer to play around or socialize, buy a computer to use at home.
  • No dating co-workers or supervisors. If you are seeking a mate, work is not the place to do it. Allow co-workers to set you up with one of their friends or use online dating if you are having trouble finding a mate
  • Follow your scheduled hours. You don’t get to pick and choose when you feel like working. They have your schedule hours based on what the employer needs.
  • Follow the dress code your employer has set. Professional dress earns more respect. If this is the first time you have to dress professionally, chances are you aren’t going to have the right clothing. A great place to shop is second hand stores or your local Salvation Army for deals to start building your professional wardrobe.
  • Alcohol or drugs are strictly off limits during work. Having lunch meetings doesn’t excuse this behavior either. At no time is drinking or drugs allowed in any work environment!
  • Stealing from your employer is absolutely forbidden. Just because you work there, you don’t’ have the right to take what is not yours. If you need to borrow a piece of equipment, ask your employer for permission. You should put this in writing so you have a record of it. A simple email or note is all that is needed.

Just remember when you start a new job, the policies and rules aren’t there to intimidate you. They are really there to allow you and your employer to have a respectful affiliation which will allow everyone to get the job done.


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