They Don’t Have A Facebook Profile: 3 Red Flag Reasons

by Online Dating on May 14, 2012

You meet a great guy or gal while you’re out and would like to connect online. Facebook has almost 1 billion users now, so it may come as a surprise to meet someone who doesn’t have a profile. What if they don’t? It could be any number of reasons, most of them good ones. You don’t need a Facebook profile! But what if they don’t have one for the wrong reasons? After asking a few friends about their dating adventures online, we picked up on three red flag reasons why someone wouldn’t have a Facebook profile.

  • Lack of self-restraint – They may be the type of person that just can’t help but share everything about their wild nights out — risque photos, drunken status updates, you name it. What we won’t know is whether they’re doing it to hide the fact that they’re a wild child, or that they genuinely don’t want to enable themselves. This type of person may be fun to hang out with, but they may say or do things before thinking. And that could end badly.
  • Player gonna play – This type may want to stay off Facebook to avoid revealing their player status. How will they date multiple people if they can all find him or her on Facebook? Even keeping a private Facebook page would be too much to keep up with. Private message here, hidden status there… If you’re not looking for anything long-lasting, this may be the perfect type of person for you. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little fun. Just remember to not get hurt.
  • Tech scrooge – This type is uncomfortable with technology. It could be that they don’t have enough time to keep up with Facebook, and that’s fine. It’s a whole different story if they lack the patience or interest in learning about it. Will they have the patience or interest in learning about other new things? Again, with Facebook, it’s not always a bad thing, but if you are way into Facebook, then the two of you may butt heads. It could even extend beyond Facebook, and they may not be interested in technology at all. If it’s important that your date be into it, then you should probably move on. To each his or her own!


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