Love-Building Exercises To Keep Your Relationship Strong

by Online Dating on September 22, 2011

Maintaining a long term relationship has its challenges, but perhaps science can offer help in that department. Psychologist and researcher Robert Epstein, PhD, believes that you can keep your love strong through scientifically-proved techniques. Here are some of his love-building exercises — and a few of our own — to keep your relationship strong.

Re-Live Your First Date

To spark that fire, try to re-live your first date. Reflect on your relationship and share your favorite memories. Taking this time together will help remind you why you’re with that special someone. Reminiscing on those memories will bring you close together and you’ll have fun to boot.

Space Invaders

Most people appreciate their personal space, but in this exercise you’ll be invading your partner’s space for the sake of love. Start by facing one another, standing about four feet away and moving closer every few seconds without touching each other. Keep from touching as long as possible. Afterward, break the tension by embracing.

Soul Gazing

The trick to this one is mutually gazing as opposed to one person staring at the other. For two minutes or so, gaze into each other’s eyes. As cheesy as it may sound, try to look deeply into the core of your partner. Dr. Epstein found this exercise to work best, even between two strangers, in creating closeness.

Two Become One

Gently embrace your partner. Sense your partner’s breathing and concentrate on it, trying to synchronize your own breathing with their’s. After a few minutes you’ll begin to feel very relaxed and as if the two of you are one. This is an easy exercise to integrate after making love or when you’re relaxing on the couch.


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    Effective and very relaxing advice on keeping a relationship strong. Especially the ‘soul gazing’, now I’ve realized more on how powerful our senses are.

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