How To Watch Sports With Him (If You’re Lost)

by Online Dating on April 18, 2012

There are definitely stereotypes when it comes to women and sports, but they’re being shattered every day by amazing female athletes and women who enjoy watching sports. But what do you do when you’d like to watch sports with your guy, but you’re so lost? Here are a few do’s and don’ts for watching sports with him.

  1. DO listen. If his team is going through a rough patch, let him vent. If they just scored massively, give him a high five! Just show him that you’re there to listen, even if it’s about poor play calls and you don’t quite follow. Don’t simply smile and nod, be sincere about it — this is important to him.
  2. DO have fun. I learned a lot about sports just by watching. I didn’t have a brother to teach me, and my dad wasn’t so interested, but I had guy friends that were more than willing to answer any questions I had. You can learn, too! Sit back and take it all in. If you watch enough, you can pick up on different plays and rules — impress your guy!
  3. DO watch it with him. Go for it! Sit down with him to watch the game, and he’ll enjoy the company. If you’re genuinely interested in the game, and learning more about the sport, he’ll appreciate that you’re connecting with him on one of his favorite things.
  4. DON’T interrupt him. During a heated part of the game, nothing annoys guys more than if you’re continually talking. It’s great to ask questions, but he’s probably super-focused on the action. He doesn’t want to miss that history-making move! If you have a question, definitely go for it — just wait for a commercial, time out, or other break in game action.
  5. DON’T take his mood to heart. On a final note, don’t take offense to a (possible) bad mood. So, if the team your guy is rooting for isn’t exactly doing well, he might be a little grumpy. Don’t take offense if he gets snappy if you ask a question just after a heated moment, or if screams at the TV. This stuff happens often, and is just another part of how he enjoys watching the game.


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  • Grace Pamer

    Excellent post Kristin. Your last point, don’t take his mood to heart, is the most important for me. Gotta always remember it’s short term, it’s nothing personal but it is important to him. Give him time to recover from the loss and all will be well again.


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