How To Save A Relationship Before The Breakup

by Online Dating on December 14, 2011

Nobody wants to experience a breakup, especially one a long-term relationship. Breakups are about one of the most emotional painful experiences that humans willingly put themselves through repeatedly in the search to find the perfect one. If you believe the relationship you’re in is headed for breakup, but that there is still something worth fighting for, do yourself a favor and look for solutions sooner than later.

One thing you should do is take a look at the relationship and determine why you’re running into these speedbumps. Evaluate the balance of power in the relationship to get an idea of whether or not that may be playing a part. If one party is constantly making the important decisions, the other party is bound to feel devalued and unhappy. This could lead to disaster. By speaking up more about what you want in a relationship, your partner will respect and value you! Start small by voicing an opinion on where you eat or what movie you see — it’s a great beginning. In more serious cases, seeing a therapist may be necessary if the power struggle has been slanted for years, and it is up to you to decide if the relationship is worth that amount or effort or not.

If you’re the one who tends to hold the power in the relationship, it may be up to you to ask the tough questions. It may be tough, but you have to find out what is wrong with a relationship before you can fix it. You would never attempt to fix a broken car if you didn’t know what was causing the problem! Talking to your partner will give you some place to start. Seek to gain an understanding of your partner’s needs and feelings.

If you decide that the relationship is worth saving, then the one thing you have to do is follow through. It’s not going to be enough to just hope that things will change, and it’s not enough to make changes for the short term. If there are serious flaws within your relationship, it will take time to iron out. Problems like lack of communication, an uneven balance of power and unhappiness in a relationship do not develop in a week’s worth of time (hopefully!), and they won’t disappear in that span of time either. If you decide a relationship is worth trying to save than you have to be willing to continually to put your time and effort to successfully do so.

  1. Go back to the start and remember the times when you fell in love.
  2. When did you begin to drift apart? Recalling those past disconnects will help you to avoid them in the future.
  3. Talk it out. What do you need from one another to awaken your love again?
  4. Changes. What will you do to safeguard your relationship from future stumbles?
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  • ImYourDate

    Those four tips are effective. For tip no.1, I would like to recommend the song “Run Away” by Bruno Mars :D This is my favorite line there- “Lets run away to the day, when love first found us..” ;) It’s normal in every relationship to encounter problems or just simply misunderstandings, but it doesn’t mean that you will easily give up on those trials. Look for the brighter side of your relationship before deciding what to do. ;)

  • yummielicious me

    hi there .. thanks for your tips .. and i agree to “ImYourDate” .. not all relationship is perfect.. no relationship last longer without any arguments .. the most important thing here is you both didn’t give up .. problems is only trial to test your relationship.. 

  • Joyce Patrick

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