How to Get a First Date

by Online Dating on July 1, 2010

If you have been alone for awhile, you may be wondering why exactly you have not yet been able to get a first date, as a first date is needed to get to the second date and so on and so on until you end up in a relationship. Whether you have your eye set on someone, or if you are waiting for any desirable candidate to ask you out, there are a few things you can do to start yourself on the path of getting that first date.

First off, you may have to spice up your appearance a bit. True, appearances are not everything, and you have to get to know a person’s personality if you want to build a lasting relationship, but appearance does play a role in getting that first date. First dates are like trial runs, you find a person you find attractive, and take them for a test drive to see if personalities match. That’s why you have to first fix yourself up a little to get the first date so you can let your personality do its work.

It doesn’t have to be large changes, but if for instance, you are always in sweats or workout clothes, consider going out to the bar in a nice shirt and jeans instead and let your hair down. If you are a guy, maybe wear some jeans and a shirt that is not so oversized and stained. Just simple little things can help make you look more approachable and worthwhile. A little splurge at the mall may be in order so you can get a few new accessories to spice up your look when you go out. Even day to day activities, grocery shopping may earn you a few more looks if you don’t look like you rolled out of bed each time you go.

The second biggest thing you need to do if you want to get a first date, is to make yourself approachable. Think about how you sit or express yourself while you are out in public. Do you tend to have a smile or frown on your face while not talking to your friends when out or greeting a cashier? Your natural approachability has a lot to do with being asked out. Somebody who is always slouched over gives off an air of irritability that is telling people to stay away with them. The same is true with your stance, while out in a bar or club with your friends, do you stand with your arms crossed a lot, because you are subconsciously sending off a vibe that you are closed off and unapproachable, also working against you.

Both taking care of yourself and learning to open conversation up are going to help you eventually achieve your goal of getting a first date. If you stop to think about it, really, it could just be little things you do that are preventing you from getting a first date, discover what these traits are by creating a better presence for yourself, and you are well on your way.

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