How To Deal With Falling For Your Best Friend

by Online Dating on June 28, 2011

Falling for you best friend You’ve been friends for a while, but things are starting to feel different. You might be falling for him or her, and it can be complicated. Here are a few tips on how to deal with the touchy situation of falling for your best friend.

Take time to understand your feelings

A moment of closeness or something situational, like a recent break up or loneliness, can charade as feelings of love or lust. Take some time to sort out your true feelings so you don’t ruin your friendship. Is it really love? If you realize that your feelings are genuine, you have some serious choices to make. If you feel like it could be something fleeting, then restrain yourself and overcome your impulses.

Do they have the same feelings for you?

They key here is to observe. Your best friend may look at you like a brother or sister, so it probably won’t work out as anything more than friends. If they’re giving off the same vibes, it may be a good idea to talk about your feelings. So, to tell or not to tell?

You basically have two choices…

Don’t fight your feelings

If you’re experiencing genuine feelings, you should refrain from fighting them and give love a try. If that sounds crazy to you, think of this:

  1. Holding back your feelings will change the relationship anyway. You’re likely to become secretive and distanced, and your friend will sense that you’re hiding something.
  2. You’ll regret the decision to repress your feelings, and wonder what could have happened.

Continue being friends

Sometimes holding back is worth it. If you’re pretty sure that your friend doesn’t feel the same, and you can handle being friends, then just continue as you normally do. It’ll be challenging at times, of course, so this is a not a decision to take lightly.

Set priorities

Do you want to take a chance on love or do you feel that your friendship is too important to lose? I’ve been in this situation before — as the friend without feelings — and it was too awkward after a while, because I could just sense my friend’s feelings. We ended the friendship amicably and we were both better off.

The decision is yours, and every situation is different. Go with your heart and your head if you can.

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