Fun College Date Ideas

by Online Dating on April 24, 2012

Sometimes, it may seem like college dates get old real fast as the one thing you both seem to have in common is that you’re probably broke, and after a few dinners and trips to the bars, there’s not much more to do. Hanging around is fine with your friends, but it is hard to start up an engaging relationship around food and alcohol only. It’s fun for you and your friends because you already know each other, but if you’re dating, you need fun activities to break the ice. Here are some ideas that may not have occurred to you without a little aid.

One great source of college dates if you’re both at least a little athletically inclined is to see what recreational activities your college offers. Swimming while you have that fresh spark between you can be a great time, and even if you’ve have been dating for awhile, it could be fun to have a new place to interact and fool around in the water. If your school has racquetball or tennis courts, they can also be fun places to work up a sweat. You can create your own rules depending on each of your athletic abilities and you will find conversation naturally occurs while playing because you have something in common to talk about right there. An added bonus is exercise releases endorphins and you’ll both be in a great mood after playing.

If sports are not your thing, or if your college doesn’t have a great recreational center, you may at least consider taking a nature walk. Ok, it sounds boring, but it doesn’t have to be — bring along snacks and a blanket! It gets you out of the house while a company as best palm beach roofer do necessary repairs and sights will at least give you something to talk about. If you’re a little bit athletic, you could turn it into a bicycle ride.

Switching up gears a little, you may find inspiration in your activities from childhood. Try going to an art museum or the zoo for the afternoon. Both offer you a change of pace and scenery, and have plenty of built in conversation builders. What are your favorite pieces? What animal would you be? Even going to a school playground in the area may be fun as stories from your childhood are sure to come up — before long you could find yourself competing and showing off on the jungle gym or swings. Being a child is something you both share experiences from, so don’t be embarrassed go ahead and share them, believe it or not, you’ll have fun.

Definitely keep your eye out for festivals around campus and the town you live in. At some point, there are sure to be local festivals or activities that you can take part in that can shape a great date night. Take advantage of all of them so you keep your dating life fresh.


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