Is Your Facial Hair Helping or Hurting You?

by admin on October 20, 2010

You may think that you’ve got a great look down and ladies are impressed by what you’ve got going on in the facial hair department but you could be seriously overestimating your efforts. While you may be going for handsome and charming, you may come across as haven’t-bathed-in-a-week and hopeless.


  • Alan Thick

    So, this is saying that women don’t like facial hair, and they don’t like it when you shave either; is that right?

  • Aldon

    My wife complained when I shaved and she complained when I let it grow. I’m divorced now and I no longer care if they like my beard. If they don’t like me with a beard and I cut it off they’ll just find a new reason to not like me.

  • Kadia

    Yeah, it’s one of those things where you can’t win. The article criticizes every possible variety of facial hair and the lack of facial hair — the “ideal” look for men is apparently the surgical removal of their lower jaw.

  • Dgaflolalot

    I really hate these types of picture illustrations.
    Where there is NO good solution.
    And if there is…it’s probably because the author is doing it.


  • gwyn

    My husband can have whatever he wants, it’s his face!

  • Conor Levey

    Thank you. Thank you so much for being rational.

  • Suko

    I hate facial hair.So clean shaven guys give off an appearance that they are clean and professional.

  • Skylar

    Aw, I think scruffy’s kind of cute…

  • Rebecca

    I like guys who have a clean shaven face or a soul patch. As long as, of course, they don’t sport the soul patch in a gangsta-y way, but more of a cute Adam Gontier way.

  • Miranda

    I love when my bf has a beard :D also love when he’s clean shaven he never shaves his chin though haha

  • guest

    so basically this list is telling guys that no matter what they do with their facial hair, they’re f*****g screwed to any woman anywhere ever? my boyfriend has a full beard but no mustache and i love it on him.

  • Scruffleupagus

    *Eyeroll* So clean-shaven men are too womanly for you, but you’re still going to bash beards in the same breath? Congratulations upon your ability to contradict yourself #FAIL

  • Bailey

    My boyfriend has an epic, full beard going on right now. I love it!

  • Molly Zhen

    It’s not as complex as this article’s making it out to be. All women are different. We all have different tastes. I find myself disagreeing with more than half of what this article says. Don’t go generalizing and planting thoughts in women’s brains, please. :)

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