Why You Should Discuss Taboo Topics With Your Partner

by Online Dating on October 7, 2011

There are topics we all avoid in relationships, but should we? Past relationships, sex, politics, and religion can all be touchy topics, but perhaps it’s better to discuss them after all. Here are 4 reasons why you should talk about taboo topics with your partner.


For many couples, it can be awkward to discuss past relationships and sexual experiences. Not everyone is comfortable with the thought of what their partner has… dabbled in in the past, and it may even spark feelings of jealousy. But, as important as it is to get yourself tested for STDs while you’re not in a monogamous relationship, it’s even more important to inform your partner of anything that may put their health at risk.


Talking about relationship norms — like your stance on holding hands in public, or other public displays of affection — can be embarrassing for some but it shouldn’t be avoided. It’s important to discuss the things that may seem trivial, but coming to an agreement about what you both expect and need from the relationship is key.

Sex Life

Speaking of things we all need, chatting with your partner about sex is very important. Some couples skirt around that talk and attempt to go with the flow. Talking about sex can improve your sex life! Discovering those little things that your partner loves, and in turn, letting your partner know how you like it can be beneficial.

Building Trust

Topics like sex, past relationships, relationship norms, politics, and even religion can be uncomfortable for couples to talk about, but it’s very important to discuss them! Improving your sex life is great, but building trust in the relationship is one of the reasons to open up.

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    I like the last part, “…building trust in the relationship is one of the reasons to open up.” If you have already build trust on your partner, it’s not hard to open up topics even though it’s not a normal or usual topic but it will help to strengthen your bond.

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