7 Rules of Cross-Cultural Dating

by Online Dating on April 25, 2011

Cultural barriers can often create tension in a relationship, but cross-cultural dating doesn’t have to end in disaster. Although these relationships can require some extra care, there’s no reason to stray away from cross-cultural dating. Here are 7 rules to help your cross-cultural dating experience be a positive one.

Be Considerate

When sharing your culture, or if your sweetie opens up about his or her culture, remember to be respectful at all times. Don’t force him or her to do anything they’d be uncomfortable with, and keep an open mind when they want to try something you’ve never done before. Many people are very sensitive when it comes to their cultural background, because it’s a part of who they are.

Share in a Cultural Experience

Share in a cultural experience and let your partner share one with you. Where to start? Well, go see your favorite movie or let your partner share their favorite food or dish with you. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, after all, the world is full of many things to discover — why not do them together?

Be Open and Willing to Learn

Like I said before, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. This one is very important! Have an open mind and be willing to learn more about your partner’s culture. It will not only bring the two of you closer, but you’ll have the chance to experience things you never have before.

Ask questions, discuss any potential problems that may arise as a result of your cultural differences, and you’ll strengthen your relationship.

Agree to Disagree

Sometimes you won’t always agree on things, especially with different beliefs. There are some things you just can’t agree on, or share, and that’s OK. You may not understand everything something he or she does, but you should try to appreciate your sweetie for who they are.

Dealing with Disapproving Family or Friends

Many times neither of you take issue with your cultural differences — but your family and/or friends don’t feel the same way. People have their own reasons for disapproval, sometimes they just don’t believe in cross-cultural dating, sometimes people are racist, sometimes people just don’t believe that opposites don’t ever attract. The best thing to do is to slowly integrate your sweetie into their social lives. Find similarities, like religion or hobbies!

Sure, things may seem uncomfortable initially, but it’s so worth it to help your friends and family see what you see in your partner.

Have a Support Group

If you and your partner are having issues, or if your friends and family are giving you a hard time, you should have a support group to help you through it. A support group can consist of other family, friends, or even other cross-cultural couples that can help you with advice or even just to lend an ear.

Remember What You Have in Common

In the end, you may come from different cultures or believe in different things, but you should also find and embrace those things you do have in common.

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