We just stumbled across and it’s a hilarious collection of online dating experiences of the weird and awesome. Here are some of our favorite creepers and winners from the site.


Have Herpes?

Ok, so I get those dating sites designed for people with STDs — there are even a couple specifically for those with herpes. And that’s great, because there are daters of all types, and sites like PostitiveSingles help singles connect. Hey, this guy wants someone with herpes? No biggie… oh, wait. He doesn’t have herpes.


I can understand someone who needs their privacy, but this is too much. You’re on an online dating site — show your face! If you want to get creative with masks or costumes, at least hold off on the ski mask with the side of creepy. Apparently, the person who submitted this photo to WhyTheyreSingle said that they blocked this person over and over, but they kept messaging them. Eek! I really recommend to check hep c symptoms you don’t want to be tricked in the future.

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Looking For Love Online (Infographic)

by Online Dating on March 27, 2012

There are about 1,500 active dating sites in the U.S. and every site touts their own special formulas for matching people. It seems like it would be easy to find that special someone online with so many possibilities, but is finding that special someone just a matter of being in the right place at the right time? We stumbled across this great infographic on online dating and the business of love. Enjoy!

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Valentine’s Day is a week from today, so be prepared (don’t say I didn’t warn you). Whether you’re planning a big night out, or aren’t expecting to spend it with anyone, you should take this time to gain from other’s misfortune. Here are 5 Valentine’s Day horror stories to make your big day all that much better.

The Swollen Member

Nikki’s boyfriend was able to get his hands on a friend’s swank New York apartment for Valentine’s Day. They enjoyed a lovely dinner and got down to business quickly, rolling around on the floor, tearing each other’s clothes off.

Apparently, his friends had cats and Nikki was terribly allergic. She started sneezing and tearing up, but she ignored her symptoms to continue with her steamy romp. Disaster struck when her parts were exposed to cat hair and immediately started to swell closed. So much for some Valentine’s Day fun.

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What else says smart, fun, and simple in a more compact yet instantly recognizable package than the Rubik’s Cube? Dig your Cube out of the closet and follow along for this classic toy’s history.

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Dominate Beer Pong, Impress Coeds

by Online Dating on December 2, 2010

It is the quintessential college sport. More than football, more than ultimate frisbee, this is the game that it all comes down to. If you want to impress the lady with your drinking and ponging skills, better brush up on the game and learn how to dominate.

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