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There are times when guys just know that their lady will overreact to something. Usually that happens when he’s too lazy to care, or is just willing to face her reaction. But what about those times when guys really don’t see it coming? Here are a few things some guys don’t expect women to overreact over.

He Doesn’t Seem Appreciative

So, you cook your guy a great meal, he kisses you on the cheek or says, “Thanks, hon,” and goes on with eating. Women usually take verbal queues with stuff like this, but guys are the opposite. What happens? She thinks he doesn’t care! Guys won’t usually gush about things like women tend to, so take the time to observe him enjoying the heck out of that tasty dinner you made him.

He Didn’t Plan Ahead

Guys, has your lady ever asked you to make reservations at that new restaurant in town, or something like that? Chances are, yes, and chances are, you’ve forgotten to at some point. By nature, women are better multi-taskers, so give your guy some slack when something slips his mind. If you want him to hear something, be sure you have his undivided attention!

He Doesn’t Invite You

If your man goes out with his friends and doesn’t invite you along, don’t overreact! Men usually have certain people they like to talk to things about and shoot the shit with, whereas women lean toward chatting with a variety of people. Let him have his time out, and don’t get offended when he needs to get away. Take the time to plan an outing with your girlfriends.

He’s Distant After Sex

Sex is very different for men and women. Remember that he won’t always finish when you do, and chances are, if he’s laying there silent after sex it’s because he just finished! Just think about it: When you orgasm, all you want to do is bask in that afterglow feeling. Let him do the same.

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Online Dating: Body Language Around Women

by Hayley Quinn on January 26, 2012

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Online Dating Videos

Although we cover a variety of online dating and relationship tips, there are times when a situation is too unique for an umbrella topic. Or maybe we just haven’t covered something yet! That’s why we’re going to do an Ask Online Dating U every once in a while. At Online Dating University, we’re here for you, so send us your questions!

I’m 26 and she’s 25. We’ve been together for the past 4 years, living together for almost 3. To give the latest example, she planned on having friends for dinner last night and the apartment was a mess, so I cleaned it while she was at work.

After dinner there were a lot of dirty dishes, the sink was full and the counter was a mess. Leaving that over night didn’t bother me because we were both tired. She works an early shift and gets home at noon, and I worked late today and got home after 7pm. The kitchen was in worse shape than when I left for work and she was playing a video game. When I went to fix myself dinner, there were no clean plates or cutlery and even my dfp14bcn food processor was unclean.

I’m often hesitant to ask her to clean specific things because I feel like I get attitude or resentment in return, and who-cleans-what has been an issue in the past. I know I can often be terse so I feel that it could be the way I ask her to do things that causes it. How can I communicate to her that it’s important to me that she cleans up after herself and doesn’t let things get to a point where I have to specifically request that she cleans up? Just so it’s clear, I do frequently do the dishes and clean other parts of the apartment.

Well, the two of you have been together long enough for you to have learned what she’s like to live with. It’s tough to change a messy person’s habits.

You could go about this one of two ways. First, you could go the passive-aggressive route, and clean while she’s around. Like, even clean up everything around her — vacuum, dusting by her screen, etc. Any caring or mature person who gives a crap will stop what they’re doing to at least ask to help out.

Your other option is to talk to her about it. Something as simple as saying, “Hey babe, let’s take an hour to clean up the place a bit,” should work. Being vocal — but not naggy — is key. If she still doesn’t respond to that, a more stern talk is in order. If it gets to that point, be sure to express your feelings and work something out. It might help to start the conversation when things aren’t messy, so she doesn’t think you’re just griping about it.

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Online Dating: New Year’s Resolutions For Men

by Hayley Quinn on January 5, 2012

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