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No matter what age you are, introducing your new significant other to your family can be a stressful situation filled with apprehension and a pulse rate so high you swear you’re going to have a heart attack. As a guy introducing a new girlfriend to his family, you’re probably worried that your family is going to chase her away.

As the son in a family, you’ll be up against a few things when you bring a new girlfriend home to meet the family. At the bottom of the totem pole you have your siblings. Brothers are probably not much of a concern — expect some teasing or jealousy, both of which are easy enough to handle. Depending on your sisters, if you have any, you may or may not have a problem. Girls have a very differing attitudes toward other women, so as soon as your girlfriend walks through the door, your sisters, and probably your mother, are going to have her “type” selected. With any luck she will pass their tests, but more likely, if she is too much like them or too much unlike them, you may have a problem.\

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Online Dating: How To Be A Great Wingman

by Hayley Quinn on March 20, 2012

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It’s sad that in the world of dating, we’re taught to shroud our feelings in mystery. All in the name of protecting ourselves, of course! What if you meet a guy that goes against the grain — is it all bad? Here are 3 things that scare many women off, but shouldn’t.

He unexpectedly compliments you

If you’re used to a guy that pays you a compliment after you’ve “earned it,” you may be disarmed if your date compliments you out of nowhere. “You seem very nice,” for example. Many women think, “Is this guy needy? Is this guy a creeper?” How much could he really know about you already? Well, you’d be surprised. From a short conversation, that guy could already have discovered that you are a genuinely kind person. He’s probably already discovered a few great qualities about you. The thing is, most guys just don’t come out with those compliments immediately. Don’t freak out immediately!

He introduces you to his friends early on

After a few dates, your guy wants to introduce you to his friends. Woah. What’s going on? Your mind’s probably racing, “Is he already trying to rope me into his life?” — relax. Introducing you to his friends doesn’t always warrant a freak out, nor does it mean your date has decided that you’re the one. In fact, it could mean the opposite. He could be using his friends as a sounding board, to see if they like you and to get any feedback from them to determine his course of action.

He’s making plans for a second date on the first

Women these days are used to being tortured, waiting for feedback from their date. “Will I get a text from him saying he had fun? Does he like me? AGH!” Many times our questions are answered when we get asked out again a few days, or a week, later. But that’s the rub — we’re used to that wait time. So, if our date suggests a second date before the first is over, some women think red flag. Is he needy? Not necessarily — he just might like you. Think back on your date: Have you picked up on any other red flags? Has he done anything else to indicate desperation? Did you both have a great time? Well, if the coast is clear, take him up on the offer. You may have scored a great, confident guy and hey, he’s saving you the frustration of wondering.

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Online Dating: 3 Secrets To Decoding Her Emails

by Hayley Quinn on February 28, 2012

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