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The History of Board Games

by Online Dating on October 12, 2010

More than going to a movie, or staying home and watching television or playing video games, board games are a great way to spend an inexpensive evening home with someone you care about and enjoying each others company. Today we take a look at the storied history of board games.

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Air Guitar: Impressive or Lame?

by Online Dating on October 6, 2010

Most people have seen air guitar playing in action, when a person pretends to play a guitar while music is playing. But the jury is still out as to whether this is an impressive feat or if it is spectacularly lame. What do you think, would you date a professional air guitarist?

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Whether you’re hitting the bars or going the online dating route, meeting the right girl and building a relationship can be a tall order. Why, then, would you want to reduce your odds by making a stupid mistake like wearing sandals with socks?

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When you’re hitting the bars on the hunt for a girl, a skilled buddy is helpful to achieve your goal. Before you find a wingman or try to be one, you need to understand the basics that will ensure success.

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