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Is He Dating Material?

by Online Dating on October 27, 2011

When you’re looking for more than strictly casual dates, the search can get tough. That special guy you’d like to go exclusive — or even long-term — with may not be boyfriend material. So, what do you look for? Here are a few indicators that he may be dating material.

He’s Single

This might seem obvious, but he needs to be single. No “getting a divorce,” married, dating someone else seriously, or even emotionally committed to someone else. He shouldn’t keep you as his little secret, no meetings at a hotel, or hiding you from his friends — you’ll end up suffering in the end.

He Can Express Himself

A guy that’s dating material can express his feelings about you. When he feels the need to discuss something personal or perhaps concerns about the relationship, he’s dating material. He should also be able to be straightforward about needing time with his friends or for work projects. You both need lives, too!

He Doesn’t Play Games

Does he play the waiting game when returning a girl’s call? Well, he may not be dating material. A guy shouldn’t vanish to draw a girl in, it’s just rude. If he’s interested in you, he’ll express it without being creepy. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be playing games with a guy who you’d like to date exclusively — treat him with respect and kindness and he should show you the same courtesy.

He’s Consistent

By this I mean that his actions consistently match his words. Some guys talk a big game, but do little to back it up. A guy that’s dating material will plan dates with you in advance… and follow through. When a guy keeps his promises, he’s probably ready for the big leagues.

He’s Confident

A guy who is confident and comfortable with his life, career and feelings about you is dating material. While men who are still finding their niche do date, in general, they’re less likely to be that long-term someone. If you’re dating a guy who has yet to become stable in his life, it may require patience on your part if you feel like he’s the one. Help him to make his dreams come true.

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Warning Signs of Emotional Infidelity

by Online Dating on October 6, 2011

Not all infidelity is of the physical kind, but it can often begin with an emotional affair. It seems safe enough — your partner may have friends of the opposite sex, and it’s all platonic. But sometimes, things get more emotionally intimate, and these types of affairs can be just as damaging as physical ones.

What exactly is an emotional affair?

An emotional affair is usually classified as an affair that hasn’t reached the point of sex. You share a relationship beyond that of friendship, and it’s almost always a secret. Some people might think, “Well, they aren’t having sex, so,” but this type of affair can be just as damaging as an all-out physical affair.

In an emotional affair, you’re not only investing more of your time and emotional energy into a relationship outside of your committed one, but you’re receiving emotional support and companionship. You can start to feel closer to this other person, and many times, sexual tension builds to unbearable levels creating a situation in which you’re likely to sleep with them.

As mentioned earlier, even if there’s no sexual contact, emotional affairs end up damaging due to your partner feeling betrayed and deceived.

Warning Signs of an Emotional Infidelity

Here are a few things to look for if you suspect your partner is in an emotional affair:

  • Your partner becomes defensive when you ask about their friendship.
  • Your partner seems withdrawn or distant during the day, and you spend less time together.
  • Your partner is less interested in being intimate — sexually or emotionally.
  • Your partner spends more time with their friend.
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