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How To Talk To Men

by Online Dating on December 8, 2011

On a date, you need to get the attention of your guy and keep it! But men process information differently than women do, so many of us run into a situation where we end up talking too much. This can kill your chances at a second date. Here are a few tips on how to talk to men.

Be Brief and Specific

You have interesting stories to tell, but with guys it’s all about how you tell them. Men are just wired differently. When they hear something, they process it in a more linear fashion than women do. Lots of chatter could turn your new love interest off, so do yourself a favor and when you begin to talk about yourself, short, simple accounts do the trick.

Get His Attention

In general, men aren’t as successful at multitasking as women are, so you need to get his attention. Don’t compete with distractions — the tv, his games, the internet, his hobbies, whatever. If you really want to be heard, pull him away from the distractions and out of the house, maybe for a walk or go out to a restaurant.

It’s Not Like Talking To A Woman

Like we mentioned earlier, talking to guys is just… different than talking to women. If you feel like the conversation is lagging, take charge and manage it! We’re good at that. Many dates can take a turn for the worse when the conversation goes down the tubes, so steer it in the right direction. Be sure to talk about yourself, too. It might feel right to let him do the talking as to not be overbearing, but you won’t get a second date if he doesn’t learn a thing about you. As an exercise, think of five interesting things about yourself that you can bring up during date conversation.

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Online Dating Videos

Online Dating Videos

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His Date Turn-Offs

by Online Dating on November 17, 2011

How many times have you cancelled, or almost cancelled, a date because of a bad hair day or a zit? Many women focus on what they look like before a date, but it’s important to remember to spend your efforts evenly. I mean, that guy must have liked how you looked to ask you on a date in the first place! Your date will be thinking of other things besides your looks — here are some of his date turn-offs.

Bad Manners

Coming from a guy, it seems odd that bad manners would be a turn-off. They burp, fart, some guzzle beer and do other ‘uncivilized’ things. We’re not talking about putting your elbows on the table or something like that, but being rude to the waitstaff or texting during dinner. Those are the bad manners that turn guys off during a date. So, put your phone away, treat others around you with respect, and say thank you if he pays.

Bad Conversation

When you talk to your date, it’s a chance for the both of you to get to know the other. Try not to talk too much, or too little, especially about yourself. Avoid chatting about past exes and hook-ups, too. Just let the conversation flow, and be sure to ask your date questions.

Bad Attitude

A bad attitude means different things to different people, so what should you avoid? Guys usually don’t go for women who brag, are materialistic, or have no sense of humor — things like that. Avoid drinking too much, because that can change your attitude, many times, for the worse.

Bad Hygiene

Having good hygiene will get you far in the dating world, whether you’re a guy or girl. It’s not surprising that most complaints have to do with the mouth — bad breath, dirty teeth, chewing with your mouth open. Be sure to take a shower, brush your teeth, and groom yourself. If you’re a smoker, it might be a good idea to find out if your date is, too. If they’re not a smoker, it’s good practice to avoid smoking around your date, or at least go outside.

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