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Tips For Dating On A Budget

by Online Dating on May 18, 2012

Many people have been hard-hit by the down economy, and saving money is nothing to be ashamed of, sometimes the free phone chat line is your best shot when it comes to dating. Most folks think you have to spend a lot to impress your date, but the reality is you don’t. Of course you don’t want to appear cheap, and you want to make sure your date feels important, but spending a lot of money isn’t the only way to achieve that. Consider these ideas for dating on a budget:

  • Go out for ice cream instead of meeting for dinner. When you’re just meeting someone new through an online dating site or even if you’ve been seeing this person for a while, a simple ice cream outing can be a fun way to spend a date, and it doesn’t have to empty your wallet.
  • Go to the skating rink. Indoor and outdoor skating rinks offer a fun way to connect with your date regardless of the season. They also give you a special ingredient, nostalgia, which can make any date feel more special.
  • Make dinner for your date. If you have cooking skills, this is a great time to show them off. You’ll also be able to set a romantic mood and limit distractions at home, in addition to saving a few bucks.
  • Go for a hike. Many state, city, and national parks have ridiculously low admission fees and plenty of space for hiking. Take along a picnic lunch and spend some time in the great outdoors. You’ll probably learn a lot more about the other person than you could sitting in a movie theater, and the exercise will get your blood pumping.
  • Double dating can be a lot of fun, and doesn’t have to be expensive either. Invite another couple over for a night of cards or board games or even playing video games in your asus vs248h p ips monitor which is perfect for games as Overwatch, after this all you need is to get online to find out how much does an overwatch boost cost? so you can improve in your game faster. Make an inexpensive but appetizing meal and ask them to bring a bottle of wine or dessert.
  • Check out a museum. There are so many different kinds of museums, and every state has its own specialties. The admission costs are generally low, and you can save even more money when you buy a year-long membership.

Getting spendy on a date has been taken as a sign in the past — it signaled financial stability and showed that you were willing to spend a little money to make sure your date had a good time. These days, however, reining in the spending isn’t likely to offend, since everyone knows that times are tough. And hey, financial responsibility is nice to have in a partner.

Fun College Date Ideas

by Online Dating on April 24, 2012

Sometimes, it may seem like college dates get old real fast as the one thing you both seem to have in common is that you’re probably broke, and after a few dinners and trips to the bars, there’s not much more to do. Hanging around is fine with your friends, but it is hard to start up an engaging relationship around food and alcohol only. It’s fun for you and your friends because you already know each other, but if you’re dating, you need fun activities to break the ice. Here are some ideas that may not have occurred to you without a little aid.

One great source of college dates if you’re both at least a little athletically inclined is to see what recreational activities your college offers. Swimming while you have that fresh spark between you can be a great time, and even if you’ve have been dating for awhile, it could be fun to have a new place to interact and fool around in the water. If your school has racquetball or tennis courts, they can also be fun places to work up a sweat. You can create your own rules depending on each of your athletic abilities and you will find conversation naturally occurs while playing because you have something in common to talk about right there. An added bonus is exercise releases endorphins and you’ll both be in a great mood after playing.

If sports are not your thing, or if your college doesn’t have a great recreational center, you may at least consider taking a nature walk. Ok, it sounds boring, but it doesn’t have to be — bring along snacks and a blanket! It gets you out of the house while a company as best palm beach roofer do necessary repairs and sights will at least give you something to talk about. If you’re a little bit athletic, you could turn it into a bicycle ride.

Switching up gears a little, you may find inspiration in your activities from childhood. Try going to an art museum or the zoo for the afternoon. Both offer you a change of pace and scenery, and have plenty of built in conversation builders. What are your favorite pieces? What animal would you be? Even going to a school playground in the area may be fun as stories from your childhood are sure to come up — before long you could find yourself competing and showing off on the jungle gym or swings. Being a child is something you both share experiences from, so don’t be embarrassed go ahead and share them, believe it or not, you’ll have fun.

Definitely keep your eye out for festivals around campus and the town you live in. At some point, there are sure to be local festivals or activities that you can take part in that can shape a great date night. Take advantage of all of them so you keep your dating life fresh.

Carnival of Online Dating Welcome to the March 30, 2012 edition of the Carnival of Online Dating! This is the twenty-fifth edition of the blog carnival, and we really appreciate those who have submitted their links for inclusion. Sorry for the delay on publishing this edition, the servers (how we manage our submissions) had hardware failure. But they’re back! Spread the word: The next Carnival of Online Dating will be April 11, 2012, so make sure to get your submissions in by 8:59pm PST/11:59pm EST Tuesday April 10.

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5 More Creative Date Ideas For Spring

by Online Dating on February 29, 2012

We’ve given you ideas for eco-friendly dates, summer dates, and even ideas for what to cook on a date, but we’ve gathered even more! Dinner and a movie are great — it’s a go-to date idea that usually goes off without a hitch. If you’re looking for something more creative or out-of-the-box, try one of these great date ideas.

Pottery Painting

It may sound girly, but trust me — guys like pottery painting, too. Creating things together is fun and sexy, I mean, just imagine that steamy scene in Ghost. This could be a great idea for all personality types, serious or not, so encourage your date to paint anything they’d like on their mug. Even if it’s something naughty. You’ll be able to take home a nice souvenir of your date, too.

Laser Tag

What’s there to say about laser tag? Get your blood pumping and that competitive tension going with your date. Initially, it might seem juvenile to go play a few rounds of laser tag, but you won’t regret it. I think the real challenge will be to find a place near you that hosts laser tag, so Google will definitely be your friend here.

Science Museum

Not just any museum, a science museum. Preferably one with interactive exhibits and such. Smarts are sexy, so strut your stuff during your date! Wind down after the date and talk about all the deep stuff you learned.

Cook or Bake Something Complicated

Bear with me here: Cook a souffle, bake croissants from scratch, or create some other complicated culinary delicacy together. You’ll be able to figure out quickly whether or not you two can work together as a team (which is important in the long run) and you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor if you succeed! If not, well, chalk it up as a fun experience and go grab a real bite to eat.

Boudoir Photo Shoot

Definitely not for a first date — unless you’re both into that — take part in a boudoir photo shoot. Don your sexiest lingerie or fetish sleepwear and have fun roleplaying! If you’re not into that, go out for an old-timey photo shoot as a root-tootin’ cowboy and his lady.

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