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5 Easy Tips for Memorizing Names

by Online Dating on March 22, 2011

Remembering names Have you ever met someone in a bar only to forget their name the next time you meet? That’s OK, because it happens to most people. When you’re playing the dating game, remembering names can be a challenge, but it is an absolutely necessary one. The next time you go out, try one (or all!) of these 5 simple tips for memorizing names.

1. Give their name meaning.

When you first meet someone, giving meaning to their name is a great first step to take so you don’t forget it! Split last names into non-abstract concepts. Take the last name Rosenberger, for example — you can split it into ‘Rose’ ‘Hen’ ‘Burger’ to help you add meaning to the name. If words don’t work, try associating images with their name. Doing this to a name will help your brain break down the info into sections that you’ll remember much easier.

2. Associate their name with something.

If the first tip doesn’t quite suit the name you’re trying to remember, associate that person’s name with something visual. It might seem silly, but mentally noting a facial feature like a dimpled chin or something less visual like a lisp will help you! Imagine that feature, his or her face, and say their name is your head a few times.

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One thing led to another on your first date night, and you ended up sleeping with her. It’s definitely awkward waking up next to someone you really don’t know — so what do you do? Here are a few essential tips for men facing the dreaded morning after.

WTF Moment?

I’ll cut straight to the chase: If you weren’t into the girl, but got too drunk to care, you shouldn’t drag it out. If you’re at her place, you don’t have to do pull crazy tricks to sneak out — just get up, get dressed and make your way out. If she was sleeping, be polite by texting her that you had a good time, but you’re just not interested. If she’s awake when you are, just make your way out. She’ll get the picture.

If it all went down at your house, and you’re thinking, “WTF?” then just let her know that you have other plans that day. Hopefully she’ll get the hint that they don’t involve her and she’ll be on her way.

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Essential Morning After Tips for Women

by Online Dating on March 18, 2011

The Walk of ShameSo last night was filled with lots of booze and men — but ended with one in particular. You’ve just woken up next to him and you may or may not recognize him as well as you’d like. What to do? This tends to be an awkward situation, whether you’ve met this guy before or just went on your first date. If this happens to you a lot or not, these tips will help you get through your next “morning after.”

Take Cues From Him

It’s just so awkward being in a situation where you really don’t know what to do once you wake up. It depends on a few things:

  • If you’re at his place: Take a cue from him. If he’s already getting dressed quietly, then it’s time to exit.
  • If you’re at his place and he’s lying next to you awake, or has handed you one of his shirts to lounge around in, then it’s appropriate to take your time — just don’t overstay your welcome.
  • If you’re at his place and you’re having a “WTF did I do?” moment, then you should just leave.
  • If he’s at your place and you want him to leave, say that you have plans (meeting friends, gym, whatever) and begin getting dressed. He’ll get the idea.
  • If he’s at your place and you want him to stay, just see what he does. You can offer him some coffee or a bagel to gauge his feelings.

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