Mobile apps help us discover and learn new things, as well as make every day tasks a bit easier. A smartphone is a great companion for online dating especially, with most dating sites offering apps that work in tandem with their profiles. But what about apps to use while on a date? Yep, those too. Here are 4 great apps to help your dating life.

Datecheck – Free

Datecheck is powered by Intelius, provider of background checks, so if you’re interested in snooping a bit before your first date, this is the app for you. A Google search can only show so much, and this app can serve as an on-the-go private eye. The app itself if free, but you can activate certain services within the app for a fee. The app’s “Sleaze Detector” scans criminal records to determine if anyone with that name has been charged with drug possession, assault and battery, sex crimes, DUI and other offenses. You can also check for your date’s net worth for information about home ownership and property value, as well as searching for social networks connected to your date. Download on iTunes.

DateEscape – $0.99

If you’re not up to recruiting a friend to bail you out of a horror date with a phone call, check out the DateEscape app. This nifty app will let you schedule phone calls or text messages ahead of time to aid in your great escape if the date makes a turn for the worst. Settings include fully customizable background image, name, carrier, message, vibrate alerts and more. Download on iTunes

Blendr – Free

If you’re new to the area, or just looking for someone new to meet, Blendr is a great option. You can use it to either meet new friends, or someone to date. Using location-based tech, the app can show you others around you with similar interests. It’s easy to use, too — simply upload your photo, choose your interests, and begin discovering people around you. If you’re looking for a hot spot, Blendr’s “Heat Map” view can show you where the action’s at in town. Download on iTunes

Picksie – Free

Picksie is another location-based app, like Blendr, but one that will help solve the ever-burning question: “What should we do?” Instead of wasting all night brainstorming, fire Picksie up to narrow things down. Discover new restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, movies and other events around you that are catered to your personal likes and dislikes! The app even narrows things down based on the weather, time of day, and current location to help plan a new and exciting date. Download on iTunes

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Online Dating: How To Structure A Date That Will Impress Her

by Hayley Quinn on February 21, 2012

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Email is an amazingly convenient way to communicate, but it can be easy to slip up and embarrass yourself when connecting with your online dating matches. It’s depressing, really. Such a great tool, but with it comes the ability to completely blow your chances with someone! Here are a few tips for success in emailing those matches of yours.

Personal Info

Be extremely cautious about sharing personal info. It seems like an obvious one, but people sometimes get too comfortable with sharing personal info too soon. This goes for your home address, off-site email address, last name, where you work, etc. Stick with emailing your matches through the online dating site you’re using to keep certain information hidden. If you want, you could also create a Gmail or other online email address solely for contacting your dates outside of an online dating site if the site limits communication.

Rants & Confessions

This one’s a DON’T. It’s fine to write a witty, short line about a pet peeve you have, but avoid composing an essay on that one chick you can’t stand in the next cubicle. Not to mention, these emails shouldn’t serve as your makeshift therapy sessions. Keep your confessions — secrets, insecurities, issues — to yourself, your best friend, and shrink. If you must confess something, make it about your interests or hobbies. At least for now.

A Question

This one is a DO. Ask at least one question per email! It can be tough to figure out what to write in these things, so make it a bit easier on yourself by asking at least one question your match can respond to. This should help carry on the conversation, unless your “match” has the personality of a stick. In which case, it’s good to find out now.


Be sure to not double-dip. By this I mean you should send one email per email received. Think of it as calling someone more than once before they can call you back — it’s a no-no. You’ll come across as needy, possibly obsessed, or like you have nothing better to do.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

Be sure to wait a little bit to reply. Answering too quickly could indicate that again, you may not have anything better to do with your time, and it could pressure the other person into keeping up with your hectic pace. It doesn’t need to be a whole day of waiting, but for casual conversation it could be an hour or so. Keep in mind, this isn’t a hard rule because you don’t want to ignore your match, especially if he or she is asking a time-sensitive question!

Although we cover a variety of online dating and relationship tips, there are times when a situation is too unique for an umbrella topic. Or maybe we just haven’t covered something yet! That’s why we’re going to do an Ask Online Dating U every once in a while. At Online Dating University, we’re here for you, so send us your questions!

So, I was alone and a little frisky and decided to send some sexy pictures of myself to my boyfriend (we’ve been dating for 3 months). He was heading home from work late and going straight to bed, so I sent them with text saying “Sweet Dreams ;)”. He responded with “I’ll try”. That’s it. It’s engrained in him to analyze pics (he’s in school for photography) and not just enjoy them for their simple pleasures.

When I asked in an email what he thought of the pictures he didn’t respond, either. Am I nuts or should there be more dialogue there? As in, “Hey, that’s really hot” or even “I like that”? It’s hurting my self-esteem a little. Am I overreacting or oversensitive? He did eventually say that he wasn’t trying to be mean. It’s not because he thinks I’m ugly or anything he just finds it weird. He said he’d rather drool over me in person. What really bothers me about that, is that he has never said that he thinks I’m beautiful or hot or anything along those lines.

Well, before I say anything about your situation, I think there are two schools of thought when it comes to sending naked photos to your significant other: 1. Don’t because they’re out there forever or 2. Do because you trust your S.O. and don’t care about all that. I’m going to try to not lean to either side, because that’s not my place here.

I do have to say, after being together only three months, you’re definitely risking yourself by sending him these types of photos. It’s all said and done, so just be mindful if you ever do it again! You never know where they could end up, especially if he loses his phone.

Other than that, I’m wondering why he had such a strange reaction. I do agree, most significant others, especially guys, would feel pretty special opening up a text like that. Perhaps it’s like you said, and he just can’t help but overanalyze photos instead of simply enjoying them. At least I hope it’s that. But either way, even if he doesn’t prefer seeing photos, he should recognize your intentions behind sending them and appreciate the gesture anyway. Some people are uncomfortable with looking at naughty photos, but I’m more concerned about him not ever telling you that you’re beautiful, or paying you compliments at all.

I’d say, talk to him about how you feel, and perhaps ask him if he’d like to do a naughty photo shoot of you instead!

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Online Dating: Single on Valentine’s Day

by Hayley Quinn on February 16, 2012

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