Sexual Health in America: A Resource Guide

Sexual health relies on our access to accurate sex education and the promotion of an open dialogue. While the Internet can be a source of much sexual misinformation, it is also the source of much-needed resources on sexual lifestyles and trustworthy science on sex and identity. This guide consists of reliable sites for these areas and many others related to sexual health

U.S. Policies and Information on Sexual Health

SIECUS: The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States keeps track of all countrywide sexual news, especially news related to policies, education, and budgets for sex-related programs. News, general information, and advocacy resources are also a part of the site.

CDC: Sexual Health: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a complete resource site devoted to different aspects of sexual health. Topics are neatly arranged and searchable by specific questions or keywords.

Minnesota Department of Health: Sexual Health: Most states have some version of a sexual health page. The Minnesota page stands as a good example of what states have to offer in the way of resources and information.

Medical Resources

Sexual Health: STD Testing: Testing is actually only one service that this online resource offers. It also functions as a news feed, Q&A, and directory for test centers. With so many valuable resources, this site is worth a look even for those not worried about STDs.

ASHA: The American Social Health Association is another excellent medical center focused on sexual health. It provides general advice, tips on how to talk to your doctor about sex, and many other types of information.

Medical Institute for Sexual Health: This site is a collection of scientific information on sexual health, although you may need to become a member in order to access all the facts the Institute has to offer.

Sexual Health Research

Advocates For Youth: Adolescent Sexual Health in Europe and the U.S.: On its way to provide sexual health resources, lesson plans, and greater sexual awareness, this site also gives trustworthy sex statistics since the late 2000s.

The Guttmacher Institute: You may not have heard of it, but Guttmacher has been on the cutting edge of sexual research for years. Review its publications for information on contraceptive studies, pregnancy trends, and much more information.

CNN Health: Sexual Health: This site is a mainstream collection of news and research regarding sexual health, libido, and reports on the effects of sex policy.

Sexual Health Blogs It may not have constant blog updates, but this site contains more trustworthy information than most blogs while still covering a lot of blog-oriented areas of interest, such as guides to sex life in major cities and reviews for sex toys and erotica.

Sexual Health: The Naked Truth: This blog focuses on interest pieces, such as the history of sex, updates on sex-related events in America, and seasonal tips on safe sex.

Sex Health Matters: Sex Health Blog: From trending topics and news stories to common sense sex advice, this blog provides many different articles and answers. It is a branch of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Inc., so it has reliability, too.

Forums and Q&As

Sex Ed Library: Technically, this is a teacher resource for sex ed, but it includes so much accurate, comprehensive information that the site can also serve as a useful place to find answers to questions.

Go Ask Alice: One of the premier health Q&A sites online, this resource is part fact-checker and part forum. It also features a reliable section on sex that covers some of the subject’s most heated topics.

His and Her Health: This is a forum site devoted to responsible inquiries and discussion into a variety of sexual topics. Forums are generally divided into a men’s and women’s section.

Sexual Health and Aging

Mayo Clinic: Sexual Health and Aging: Keep the Passion Alive: This useful article provides a mixture of facts and tips for those worried about sex as they age.

Everyday Health: Sex and Aging: This page provide a series of articles on sex life through middle age and beyond, including what to expect and what current trends are saying.

Health in Aging: Sexual Health: This is largely a troubleshooting section of the Health in Aging website that offers potential solutions and diagnoses for sexual conditions.

Resources for Sex and Disabilities

Guide to Getting It On: Disabled & Horny: Do not be alarmed by the title – this is an excellent list of various books, articles, tips, and information for sex in the face of many different disabilities, from blindness and autism to arthritis and cystic fibrosis.

Disaboom: Sexuality and Disability: This section of Disaboom functions as both a news blog and an advice column. Article are easy to digest and feature useful information.

Advocates for Youth: Sex Education for Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally Challenged Youth: This is the second Advocates link, but the information provided on this page is concentrated on disabled youth and the challenges they face when it comes to sexuality, making it a very valuable resource.

Sexual Identity and Equality

Human Rights Campaign: Resources: While the resource sections include parenting and marriage, they also focus on coming out, growing up LGBT, and other key sexual identity topics.

AMSA: Gender and Sexuality: The American Medical Student Association has a center dedicated to sexual equality and ways to become involved in movements for greater awareness and sexuality equality in the United States.

In the Life Media: LGBT Resources: This page collects a variety of information on LGBT organizations, guides, support groups, and articles across the Web, making it one of the most complete resources available.