5 Ways To Apologize

by Online Dating on April 16, 2012

Every couple is different. Even in the relationships outside of our romantic ones — family, friends, etc. — there will likely be a time when an apology is necessary. So, how do you give a sincere apology? Turns out, we all have our own way of doing it, and that’s ok. Here are 5 different ways of apologizing.

Expressing Regret

You may be the type that apologizes by showing remorse for what you’ve done. If you do, be clear about what you’re apologizing for so it’s sincere. You shouldn’t act like you’re sorry that you were caught, so be sure your apology doesn’t start off with, “I’m sorry if…” You don’t want to put the blame on the other person.

Accepting Responsibility

Another way to apologize is to accept responsibility. Accept fault for what you did wrong, and be sure to be specific. It’s all about communication and mending the relationship. It’s far easier to say, “you’re right,” than “I’m wrong,” but the latter carries more meaning. It carries more weight.

Making Amends

Sometimes it feels right to apologize by making amends. How can you make things right? How is your S.O. doing? How can you restore confidence in the other person? You may already know the answer — sometimes you know exactly what to do to make things right, but sometimes you need feedback from your partner.


So, you’ve screwed up, and now you need to apologize — your style may be to talk about prevention. “I’ll try not to do that again,” can work well, but don’t make excuses for yourself. “Well, I had a bad day,” won’t work. Instead, engage in problem solving and talk about what you will do to prevent the same situation. If it’s something as simple as bringing the stresses of work home, find a way to unwind without taking it out on your partner — you get the idea.

Asking Forgiveness

Some folks apologize by asking forgiveness, but it’s important to be patient in doing so. Every situation and relationship is different. For example, your partner may offer forgiveness quickly if your transgression is minor. If you’re dealing with a very serious breach of trust, forgiveness may never come.

In the end, your apology may come in one of the forms listed above, or even a combination, but it’s important that it comes from the heart.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/KateOnyschenko Kate Onyschenko

    I agree that apology must come from the heart.  It’s really difficult for me to say “I’m wrong” but  I`ll work on it!!! :)

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