5 Tips for Dating a Workaholic

by Online Dating on May 3, 2011

Some of us sigh with relief after a day at work, and others get off on working weekends. To each his or her own, but when the two mindsets collide, dating can be a rough experience. Here are 5 essential tips for dating a workaholic.

Be Understanding

Before you jump to any negative conclusions, try to understand the situation. Has your girlfriend always been so driven? Maybe this job is one of your boyfriend’s passions. It can definitely be frustrating for you if your significant other can’t attend all of the same events, but try to understand what drives him or her!

Take Time for Yourself

Turn the situation into something positive — instead of moping around at home alone, take some time to yourself, go out with your friends, or relax. Perhaps consider taking on a new hobby or — if you’re up to it — more hours at work.

Do They Need Your Help?

I don’t mean that you should bug your date when he/she is working. In fact, try to avoid that completely. What I do mean is to examine why they’re spending so much time at work. Are they disorganized or not able to manage their time efficiently? Maybe you can offer a helping hand to get them on the right track. Keep in mind not to be pushy, and that you’re not your sweetie’s secretary.

Talk About It

You need to be up front with how you feel. You need to help them to realize that you understand why they work so hard and that you think your relationship — and life in general — could benefit from some balance. While discussing things, avoid laying the blame as your significant other may get defensive about it, and it could work against you.

Make Some Ground Rules

If your date is going to maintain the workaholic lifestyle, at least try to compromise and lay out a few ground rules. Be sure not to nag, and go into this looking to make your relationship a healthier one. And remember that you should be lowering some of your expectations, too, if you expect this to work.

  • Request that he/she not text, email, or take calls during a date or your alone time.
  • Consider setting time aside during the week for together time.
  • Ask if you could meet for lunch once in a while.

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