48 Articles on What to Know Before You Go Meeting Your Online Flame for the First Time

by Online Dating on October 7, 2010

Dating online can be a fun way to meet new people and lots of online dating users find they enjoy the comfort and security of chatting with potential dates from the comfort of their own home. But what happens when they meet someone they want to get to know a little bit better? How can online daters move their relationships forward?

Meeting in person is an exciting development, but should be approached with caution in order to achieve the best results. How do they stay safe? What is the best first date to do? First meetings can be so awkward; what will they talk about? There’s information and tips to answer all these questions and more.

Tips for Online Daters A look at how to stay safe when meeting a virtual contact in real life. Advice and help to make meetings as safe as possible.
Hints and Tips for Safe Meets A guide for online daters to meeting offline. What precautions should people take?
A Guide to Online Dating Scams A look at how to avoid exploitation when meeting offline for the first time. What to be watchful for.
Assessing Online Partners How to evaluate an online contact before making the decision to meet. What to look out for.
Tell Tale Signs of Sinister Intent Some red flags for online daters to watch for when deciding whether to meet in person.
Stay Safe Meeting Cyber Dates Hints and tips for personal security when meeting online contact for the first time. Dos and don’ts of offline meets.
Safety Tips for Women A guide to guarding yourself against possible internet predators. A must read for those planning an offline meet.
Warnings to Watch For Some signs that internet contact may not be above board. Steer clear of partners who display these behaviors.
Safety for Single Moms Important advice on safeguarding children when moving forward with online relationships. What to do to protect children when meeting potential partners.
How to Spot Frauds A guide to things to check before arranging an offline meet with a cyber contact. Secure cyber-dating tips.
Guide to Meetings for the More Mature Advice for older online daters. What to do before and during and offline meet.
Stay Safe When Meeting Offline Guidance for those looking for love – how to ensure a secure and sensible meeting plan. Includes safety checklist.
Guidance for Golfers Looking for Love Safety advice for golf enthusiasts seeking to explore dates with online contacts offline.
Online Dating Scam Guide Stories not to fall for. Don’t meet up with these people.
Must Follow Safety Tips Online advice for singles. How to keep safe on offline dates.
Meet During the Day Some sensible safety tips for arranging offline meetings with online contacts. Safeguarding against scammers.
How to Find Someone Safely Guidance on the best practices when looking for love online. Includes tips for online and offline contact.
Meeting Up Must Dos A how to guide for safer meeting in person. Staying safe meeting cyber buddies.
Some Cyber Courtship Warnings A look at the possible pitfalls of this kind of matchmaking. What could go wrong with an offline meet?
Safe and Secure Online Dating How online dating site users can protect themselves in online and offline contact situations. What to look out for and what to avoid.
Online Advice For Dating A guide to how singles can act in their own best interests both online and offline. Safe dating tips.
How to Arrange a Safe Face to Face Meeting Advice for older online daters in personal safety. Follow this guide for a safer date.
Stay Safe When Searching For Love Tips for online daters. Advice to follow from first contact to face to face meeting.
Who Should You Meet and How? Online dating advice to help cyber courtships from first click to meeting up. Good rules for online daters.
Things To Consider Before Committing to a Cyber Relationship Some guidance for singles searching for love online. Includes info on arranging that all important first meet.
Scam Targeting Men Advice for men looking to set up face to face meetings with online contacts. Who should be avoided? Warning signs of scams.
Watch Your Body Language Advice on how to approach a first time face to face with an online lover. Tips for successful dating.
The Practical Guide to Online Love Advice and help, with tips for first dates offline. How to stay safe and avoid disappointment.
Trusting Instincts and Other Advice How to stay safe when dating strangers from cyberspace. A guide.
Using Caution and Common Sense Safety first approach to looking for love online. How to meet new people and stay happy and healthy.
Background Checking Essential for Safety The harsh reality of moving dating offline in the modern era. An honest look at the issues.
Making a Meeting Safe and Sensible Guide to how to arrange an offline meeting with an online friend. What to avoid and how to stay safe.
Meet in Public The best advice for those considering offline meetings. Hints and tips for a safe face to face.
The Dangers of Free Sites Special considerations for cyber friends who met through a free service. How to arrange a safe date offline.
Make Real Life Meetings An Exciting Experience First date tips for those meeting offline for the first time. Putting the best foot forward in the real world.
First Time Meeting Tips How to have a successful date in the real world. Considerations for first meetings.
Essential Kit for the Offline Meet What every woman needs for a fantastic face to face. A pre date checklist.
First Date Strategies How do people plan for their first face to face? A look at different approaches.
Top Date Destinations Where should online daters hold a first time offline introduction? Some fun ideas.
How Should a Man Behave on a first Date? Tips for etiquette offline.  Making a good impression.
Pay Attention! Some simple tips to maximize the chances of a second date. How to impress an online lover in real life.
How to Behave in Person The best suggestions to keep a date interested offline. What not to do.
Wardrobe Advice for Real Life Dating While people might be able to date in pajamas online that won’t cut it in the real world. What to wear instead.
Starting an Offline Chat How to talk to cyber friends in real life. Some tips for starting points for the shy.
Dressing to Impress A look at good choices of first date attire. What to wear when meeting an online friend for the first time.
Safety Tips for Real Life Meets How to best protect against all possibilities. Tips for safer dating.
Face to Face Survival A guide for daters taking their interaction offline. The best approach for the best results.
Tips for Single Dad’s Looking to Meet and Online Date Advice for fathers on dating on and offline.

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