Things You Should Never Do on a First Date

by Online Dating on October 27, 2011

First dates are a time for first impressions and just as the old expression goes, you can’t make a first impression the second time around. These 10 simple things you should never do on a first date, will help you make a better first impression… and you’ll have a better chance of landing a second date.

Smelling Bad: Smelling like a sewer is the best way to get yourself ditched in the middle of a date. No one cares if you just ran a marathon before you picked up your date. Shower with good smelling soap and wear deodorant. Don’t cover yourself in cologne or perfume because what smells good to you might not smell good to them.

Being Cocky: No one wants to be around someone who is cocky or full of themselves, if you are that full of yourself how can you have room for someone else in your life?

Horrible Breath: For heaven’s sake please take the time to brush, floss, use mouthwash and pick up a pack of gum before your date. No one wants to talk to someone with bad breath, and with bad breath you can surely forget that first kiss!

Lighting Up: If your date doesn’t smoke, don’t force them to deal with your habit. Stay away from smoking areas and do not light up in the car.

The Ex: If your ex is on your mind so much that you can’t help but talk about him or her, then why are you even dating? You can touch on your past relationships lightly but make sure it is very lightly. No one on a first date wants to discuss your past escapades.

Uncomfortable Silence: If you can’t find things to talk about on a first date then that means you will likely not have anything to talk about on the second. Ask questions, give answers, discuss the weather anything! Just don’t let uncomfortable silence happen.

Talking About Money: It is just plain rude. Don’t ask your date how much they make at their job, how much their rent is or anything else to do with money. Leave that for a later conversation.

Answering Your Phone:Everyone has a cell phone, this is just how it is in today’s world. Being on a first date means that it’s time to turn it off. The only exception to this is if you have kids who are with a sitter, or there’s some kind of emergency. You can then leave it — don’t answer it if it is your friends, only answer for the kids.

Getting Touchy: A first date is not the time to get all touchy feely. Keep your hands in your lap until a later time.

Being Rude to the Wait Staff: No one is going be impressed by your rudeness except you. Being nice is what will get you another date, being rude will get you ditched during the first date.

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  • Mike Smith

    Do not get passionate on your first date. Be calm and relax talk more about the beauty of your partner.

  • Kate Wright

    Whatever happens on the first date, you must be able to take only one thing in mind. To be yourself! These tips are also applicable to many couples who just met each other online and just decided to see each other. More of these tips are on this site

  • Dating Advice

    Follow those yourself..and when you’re a boy, make sure that you would be the one to carry the date. It’s a guy responsibility to handle to conversation and other stuffs.

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